5 ways to streamline your company’s supply chain

In any business dealing with moving products from one place to another, solid transportation management is vital. Supply-chain management requires plenty of vigilance, as the global marketplace is in constant flux. Below are a few tips to consider to speed up shipping times and manager your supply chain, while keeping your business running smoothly.

1) Implement current technology

There are new ways to streamline logistics reaching the market every day. RFID chips and QR codes are fast ways to scan products when they arrive or depart a destination. Smart cargo that is able to communicate with the people sending it, thereby making the company aware of any problems it detects in transit, is becoming a reality.Many logistics companies automate their logistics as much as possible, which speeds up much of the process as well.

2) Plan ahead

Clients who need products shipped occasionally rush through the paperwork or make changes at the last minute, this can and often does, lead to costly mistakes. Creating order forms that are unambiguous can help reduce much of the confusion. Developing concise and well structures fees for accessorial charges will clarify expectations and reduce billing issues with service providers.

3) Internal Communication

One of the most important factors to consider is ensuring everyone is working as a team and a solid communication strategy is implemented with transportation coordinators. When everyone knows exactly where they are supposed to be at any given moment, downtime is drastically reduced and faster overall service is achieved.

4) Staying on top of International Changes

The global market is in constant change and can be extremely unpredictable. Laws and treaties governing what can and cannot be transported into foreign markets change frequently.  It’s essential to check policies, as economic and political situations often arise without notice. When shipping to new markets, do diligence and extensive research is crucial to ensuring a solid understanding of all current laws and regulations.

5) Keeping Customers in the Loop

Much of the time spent by customer service representatives is figuring out where a specific shipment is at any given time. By implementing an easy-to-use interface that allows clients to check on these details remotely, both staff and clients save valuable time.

Constant re-evaluation of your procedures and supply-chain management will ensure a more consistent and reliable operation. Regardless of current efficiency, chances are there is room for improvement. Bridger has a team of dedicated professionals committed to streamlining your entire operation, give us a call at P 888-586-0645 and experience the difference.