What is a Transportation Brokerage? We are a company that specializes in the process of transporting goods and materials we all use each day. Everything that is manufactured needs to be transported to final destinations or distributors. The modes are anything from a van, cargo ships, flatbeds, refrigerator vans to air cargo. Bridger has customers that depend on us daily to help coordinate these moves; we find dependable and responsible carriers to contract to ship our customers’ freight. We make sure their freight is picked up and delivered on time, as well as problem solving along the way; we handle everything from start to finish.

At Bridger, our employees are the lifeline of our organization. It’s their excitement, dedication, and integrity that make Bridger what it is today. We are always looking for Transportation and logistics professionals who will flourish in an exciting, fast paced environment with a culture of continuous improvement, and exceptional customer service. Bridger strives to be the best, and that’s whom we’re looking for to join our team. We are insightful, innovative, loyal, communicative, honest, hardworking, and will do whatever is needed to meet the demands and needs of our customers. Bridger is relationship driven; we encourage and facilitate the personal growth of each team member.

We are committed to giving our team members the tools they need to succeed in the Transportation marketplace while providing support and guidance throughout. If you’d like to learn more about all the exciting opportunities available, please contact us at:

888-586-0648 or email accountmanagers@bridgertrans.com.