The core of our business are the relationships we maintain with our carriers. We are different because we strive to know you and want to see you succeed. You are important to us!

Bridger Transportation works with a group of dedicated carriers that we utilize on a daily basis through our Core Carrier Relations (CCR) program. We do this by offering opportunities for repeat business that compliment your existing business by providing freight that works for you. If this sounds like something that would interest you, please contact us and inquire about the CCR program.

We respect and value the carriers who contract and transport for Bridger Transportation. We pledge integrity in every transaction you have with us and we pride ourselves in treating our carriers as valued partners.

If you would like to be set up with Bridger Transportation, please complete the following form and fax to 406-586-0578.


We at Toad Logistics have done business with Bridger Transportation for several years now, and can say we are very happy with them. They always treat our drivers in a professional manner. They pay when they say and have steady freight throughout the year. If an issue ever comes up they are immediately resolved so our drivers can quickly get loaded. Thank you Bridger Transportation.” Tom Pickard, Toad Logistics

“Doing business with Bridger Transportation is truly a pleasure. They are not only courteous and helpful, they are reliable and ALWAYS pay on time. We will continue to do business with Bridger Transportation for many years to come!” Ellen Hoe, JPI Logistics

“We absolutely love working with Bridger. They are professional and reliable. I wish we could broker every load with them.” Robert McKie, Ops Manager, Zip Logistics

“Bridger rocks! It’s important to my company to build strong relationships and trust with our brokers. We have this with Bridger Transportation. They are honest and quick to help with any issues.” Julie, Megan Transport